Sometimes I look at this world and I get so angry at what we have become.  And as I write this know that it is with a tear and a fist held in anthem.  It is not anger at anyone but anger at some and what has become so culturally grown.  Where because of this world and our failures we have become sinfully bound. We are weak and should be ashamed because that is how we sound:  Ashamed of the Gospel, ashamed to be truthful, ashamed to be open and ashamed to be human.   We hide behind our names and consider that worthy and that God should be grateful.

Well I don’t want to live my life that way.  I don’t want to build walls and hills to hide my shame and guilt.  I don’t want to appear to have it together cause I just need Jesus the one and only Savior.

Now the world tells us that we don’t need Him.  That its good enough to just love your own kin and all your freedoms.  We have addictions and struggles and the world does nothing but evolve them.  We have believers that fall and don’t know how to rise up again, so they hide and pray that no one will find them.  All the while believing that God somehow will mistake them.

Well that is not the legacy that I choose to have follow me, see I believe that Jesus broke the chains of slavery. I wanna be bold and live a life that honors, one that my son and daughters can see and that points them to the Victory. A life that reflects the true source of hope and mercy, not one that speaks of idols, greed, and heresy.

So let me put action where my mouth is, cause that is how He says that they will know I’m His. Let me be true with my failures, who they hurt and what depths I fell too. Let me love on those that are unlovable and help those that are broken.

With this vapor of a breath that God gave me I pray that He will use me. I pray that this will be my legacy to point like an arrow to the one who redeemed me. The one who sacrificed it all without a doubt for those who are called.

So if you wonder where I stand I’ll tell you the truth. It’s on my knees at the feet of the man with nail scarred hands. You may say that’s crazy but my heart ain’t hazy. Its redeemed, made clean all by the Host of Hosts, The Lord of All, my Hero – Jesus.


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