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Incomprehensible, Revolutionary God.. Do you know Him?

I was asked this question the other day and it’s depth has cemented in my core. “Why is it so easy for people (confessing Christ followers) to stay in their sin, and to have NO desire to ever break free from it?” Haven’t they missed the whole point?

How many times have we all heard the salvation story? Thanks to the country we live in, more times than we can count. But sadly sometimes, it never goes any deeper than a simple confession of the lips and/or a long walk down the aisle. They never seem to be interested or concerned with visible sin in their lives. I’m tormented by this, and I’m praying for hearts to be broken, soft, desperate for a transformation.

Jesus didn’t just come to save us and move us into His mansion in the sky, he came to save us from the power of sin in our lives! That’s the freedom He offers. Freedom from the guilt, shame, torment, and bondage it creates in us! We are slaves to sin before we accept the blood of Jesus as our salvation. But once we accept His death as great enough to cover us, we are free from the bondage that once haunted us. This is the revolutionary power of a God that saves! Once we experience it, even when we fall, we won’t want to stay there! God has more for us! It’s a gift.

This is my prayer for us all… That those who trust Jesus will be transformed by the power of His Spirit. That we won’t miss a single ounce of His workings… The way He heals broken hearts, restores shattered relationships, they way he uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The way he comforts the broken hearted; and frees the sinner from his addictions. They way He looks lovingly and forgivingly upon a man or woman who has done the unthinkable, gently breaks their spirit, and reveals Himself to the sinner greater than ever before. The way He hears the cry of a barren woman and His blessings end up being more than she ever imagined. They way He looks down on the innocent child that has suffered from sexual abuse and he rescues her, restores her heart, and uses her to help others who are silently hurting. The list goes. His works are never ending. His power is incomprehensible. This the God of our salvation. And He doesn’t want His children to miss it. We serve one GRACIOUS MIGHTY GOD!

God offers freedom from sin. Call on him. Break free from its bondage. And experience all that God has for you!

Homeschool Nostaglia Repost

Krystal wrote a great blog  about Homeschooling several years ago and I thought it would be a great repost of the old website.

Tonight, God revealed something BIG to me. So big that its midnight and He has yet to let me sleep. The revelation weighed so heavy on my mind and in my heart that I felt, I needed to share it with others in hopes of encouraging each of you in the everyday sacrifice and extra effort that we take to raise Godly children.

I realize some of you don’t know me that well, nor do you know my heart, but I can humbly say, that I am in no sort of way taking credit for the things that God has done. My purpose for writing is to first and foremost exalt God and to secondly, help encourage God’s people who share a common passion.

Eleven years ago, God placed a conviction on my heart. A conviction that was so strong, that mentally and physically tormented me at times. A beautiful idea, I thought..for someone else! I liked the sound of it, at times, when I juggled it around in my mind….. I could choose what we learning and how it was to be taught, everything could be centered around God, more time with my kids, more family time, more flexibility..I mean the list went on. With all that being said, the idea of it, was all so emotionally frightening and just down right physically draining….how can I do this? Educate my own kids? Prepare lesson plans? Put up with their attitudes all day? Give up a part of me that longed for a career, hobby, or just ‘me’ time? Again, the list went on. Countless, sleepless nights, I prayed for God to remove the conviction….the conviction of a word that frightened me to the core….HOMESCHOOLING!

And God, he has such a way of making himself known….and yes, the conviction grew stronger…and I, feeling overwhelmed and taken back by the idea…well, did the Godly thing..NOT! I satisfied my flesh, and I enrolled my oldest (Kyra,now 11 ½) in public school. Kindergarten passed, then first grade, and all the while God was faithful in continuing to strengthen the conviction he had years ago placed within me. I know he must have been looking down at me, shaking his head and maybe even pointing and shaking a firm finger at me saying , “Sweet child of mine, why do you run from me when I speak?” Seems I had my own game of hide and seek in motion, only to be reminded that you can’t run nor hide from God!!! Amen, ladies?

After many sleepless nights, chats with other Christian ladies, prayers and scripture readings, a supportive and encouraging husband, and a uprising second grader who was suffering from Mono, with which I was having to homeschool anyway… I stepped out in, I leaped….blindfolded and scared. But no longer could I stand to meet with God, day after day, knowing that my disobedience grieved Him so. But to be obedient meant I had to let go..and yes, you know it, Let God!

Obedience….it means doing the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing, and trusting God to take care of the rest! I was reading a book called, Jesus, The Lord, and one author put it like this, “The defining mark of being a follower of the Lord is a determination to obey.” ( John, McArthur) I had learned a great lesson, one I still remind myself of daily….If I am what I claim to be, a disciple of God, then I am to be constantly available to the Father and instantly obedient to do what he ask of me. And then trust that He would take care of the rest. There is something to be said about that hymn written so long ago, Trust and Obey, for there’s no other know the rest! I was taking a leap into the most dreaded word….Homeschooling! Can you relate?

Since that leap, I have went on to homeschool all four of our beautiful children…Kyra, now 6th grade, Taylor, 4th grade, Amery 2nd grade and Brayden kindergarten. All with four completely different learning styles and personalities!  Challenging, to say the least. I wish I could say it’s been a breeze from the get-go! Not a chance! Our family is a huge fan of Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian and one who has got us through a lot of stressful days. He said it best when he said, “You sure don’t see many atheists homeschoolers, do you? Cause after your first week of homeschooling, you’ll be crying out to God!!!” So funny but more so, sooo true!

I know ladies, that there’s time when we glance back at the decision we made, and we see God’s hand in it and then other days we question everything about it! What I am about to write is specifically for the days when you question what God has called you to do. This is my own personal testimony and only one revelation that I have witnessed from the gift of homeschooling. There are others, yet this one, the most recent. It was refreshing and I hope you find it refreshing for your soul as well.

I hurried up the stairs tonight, trying to get four busy bodies to throw themselves in bed, so I could clean up the kitchen, see my husband off to work, check my email and facebook ofcourse, then curl up in my bed and read until my eyes could no longer hold up! Taylor and Amery share a room and I was in there trying to help move them along. The whole time I was fussing, “hurry up, get your p.j’s on, pick up your dirty clothes…blah, blah, blah!” And when I get edgy, I clean! So, I went to gather a few straggling papers, books,dolls, and whatever else was there, when I noticed a neatly stacked arrangement of books tucked away near the bookshelf. I began to plunder through, not expecting to see much…and I what I found was so much more….reassurance!

It belonged to my second born..Taylor, age 9. To give you some history about Taylor, here goes…sweet, timid at times, beautiful, honest, perfectionist ,neat, orderly, (hence the perfect stack of belongings) and loyal. All these things, but one attribute that would do her in if she failed to give it over to God…..worrier!!!! And I mean to the point of not sleeping, throwing up at times, hives, over some of the smallest things! Tyler and I would often pray with her and for her over this very thing. We often had conversations about how we all struggle with something and that as she learned to trust God she would learn to worry less. But it grieved her…you could tell. Not only did she worry, but now she worried about worrying!! Geez..poor kid. She knew that sin separated her from God and she could not stand the fact of letting down her Heavenly Father. I knew that. I had often witnessed it and prayed with her. But she knew she needed God to help her. She really knew.

Tears swelled up in my eyes, when I unraveled her stack…scripture scattered everywhere across a loose leaf piece of notebook paper…scriptures that God had given her to keep close as a reminder.  Some of them included, 1 Peter 5:6 “ Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you.” Scripture about how to live your Micah 6:8 “ He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God,” and  numerous references from Proverbs and Hebrews.  Also, in the stack, I discovered three different devotional books, marked with torn paper that held the place of these titles, “Why Worry?” and “Real Faith.” In addition, I found notes from a study we did two years ago, as an addition to our homeschooling day ,..“Walking In Faith.” Her glittery hot pink Bible,book marked with highlighted index cards, all  contained the Word of God. Lastly, I opened up the journal..skimmed through and on the last page an outline of all the material and references I previously talked about, neatly titled, in all caps, FAITH, DON’T WORRY! And at the very end, she wrote , “Faith-is trust. When we trust in Jesus we receive eternal life in that very moment.” God gives faith to those who ask him! John 11:26, Ephesians, 2:8. Circled and marked with astros, “I don’t have to worry, cause I know God!”  I wept.

Often times, we don’t get to see the beauty that comes from being obedient! But tonight, I was reassured. Train them babies up in the ways of the Lord! Isn’t God amazing? He took a nine year old girls heart and inside it placed a passion and desire to please her Maker!

Maybe we don’t always teach some subjects well or pick a curriculum that fits our children perfectly. And maybe we grow overwhelmed from wondering if our kids will fit in socially with their peers, or if they will measure up to others academically. While I believe that God is concerned about all those things, I know that he is more concerned about their little hearts. Homeschooling has given me more of an ability to raise my kids in an environment that is Christ-focused and when I witness times as these, I have joy, that surpasses all understanding. Keep on keeping on, ladies. God is using you to build mighty soldiers for Christ.

God Bless each you on your homeschooling journey!

Make Me An Enemy Of This World

Growing up, I always wanted to please other people, make them happy, so they would be pleased with me. It made me feel better. Me. Me. Me. The thoughts themselves were not bad things, but the motives were not pure. They were about me and how people viewed me. That’s not me anymore. Life has taught me that it’s not about me, it’s about HIM, the one who created me. It’s not about pleasing others for selfish gain, it’s about pleasing The Lord and revealing Him to a watching world. It’s all for His glory.

Making friends with the world is no longer my aim, as I pass through this life. And I’m thankful for that. There is freedom in that. James 4:4-5 says, ” You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?” And then comes his warning…”Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. ” Lord, make me more of an enemy to this world!

James 4 continues to offer much more instruction on how we can please the Lord and avoid falling into the traps of worldliness. In verses 7-11, James gives us some great words of wisdom to follow. I’m jotting these down on a note card and placing them by my bed, so before Satan starts attacking my mind ( which is the very moment my eyes open) I can grab these and make it my aim for the day, preparation for the battle that awaits me. Here they are…

1. Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee. (v. 7). Open your eyes and be looking for Satan’s traps. Be sure to it that he is prowling around waiting to devour you!! That’s his purpose. And he’ll stop at nothing to see to it that we fail. Be watchful. Sober-minded.

2. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands. (v. 8) Guard yourselves from doing evil by letting his Word wash over you. Be quick to confess your sins. And constantly in prayer asking The Lord to remove any evil deeds that may be hidden within you. Know His ways and respond to them. Seek Him. You will find Him there.

3. Be wretched and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. (v. 9) A familiar “beatitude,” will enlighten you, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. ” (Matthew 5:4). Recognize the wretchedness of your own flesh and your tremendous need to be cleansed of it. Have a contrite spirit. Ask God to cleanse you. You will be blessed.

4. Humble yourselves. He will exalt you in due time. (v. 10) Boast not of yourself but boast in The Lord. Ask the Lord to reveal to you any evidence of hidden selfish tendencies that separate you from God. As they rear their ugly heads and are exposed to the light, turn away from them quickly. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!! You can’t afford any hesitation. Don’t think too highly of yourself… Thinking you are above the tricks of the serpent. You’re not! Be constantly dependent upon The Lord. At all times! Exercise humility. Eventually, it will bring about honor.

5. Don’t speak evil against another brother (or sister. ). (v. 11) It’s not your place to judge another. God hates this! He is the judge, you are not. What kind of righteousness is gained from it? Zero. Quarreling, jealously, anger, hostility, slander, gossip, conceit, and disorder… Do we think God judges these lightly?? No. It grieves him. And it should us as well. Put them to death. They have no place in the life of a follower of Christ. When you are tempted to open your mouth against another, quickly repent. Ask The Lord for His help. Pray for that person instead. You are a doer of the law not the judge. Leave that to the King.

What great reminders we find in Chapter 4 of James. And what a great reminder of our desperate need for You, oh Lord, in our lives. Make me an enemy of this world. I want to live to please You!